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About NJOP

NJOP*, an independent, non-denominational, non-profit organization, was established in 1987 by Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald in response to the spiraling losses of Jews from Jewish life due to assimilation and lack of Jewish knowledge. 

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Through its highly innovative and stimulating educational programming and influential social media platforms, NJOP conveys the relevance and vibrancy of Judaism to contemporary Jews by providing a greater understanding and knowledge of the basics of Judaism and Jewish life. Over the last 33 years, more than 1,709,568** North American Jews have been engaged Jewishly through NJOP’s positive, joyous Jewish programs and experiences. 

NJOP’s renowned programs, such as Read Hebrew America and Canada, Shabbat Across America and Canada, Passover, Sukkot and Chanukah Across America. Shabbat and High Holiday Beginners Services and Crash Courses in Basic Judaism and Jewish History, have been offered at 5,154** synagogues and Jewish organizations across North America and in 41** additional countries around the globe. NJOP’s ever-expanding efforts, and its keen ability to recognize the most current cultural trends, have allowed it to become an acclaimed leader in Jewish social media. Every day, tens of thousands of fans and followers are presented with a means to positively and joyously participate in Jewish life through @JewishTweets on Twitter, NJOP’s Jewish Treats daily email, and Facebook fan page. NJOP’s Jewish Treats’ YouTube channel boasts more than two million views. 

Since its founding, NJOP has become one of the largest and most successful organizations, impacting broadly on Jewish engagement throughout the world. 

NJOP extends special thanks to Mr. Sam Domb for his extraordinary efforts on behalf of NJOP and the Jewish people. 

NJOP extends profound thanks to the "First Lady of NJOP," Mrs. Sylvia Freyer for her extraordinary dedication and support.


*National Jewish Outreach Program is now NJOP

**Locations and participant numbers as of 12/20


Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald

Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald

Founder and Director of NJOP

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Hillel A. Gross

Hillel A. Gross

Master of Ceremonies

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Among the hundreds of former Beginners Service attendees and their families who live in Israel, we proudly present the stories of five families who have made significant contributions to the Jewish people.

Kristina “Kayla” Reiko Cooper and Leonard Rosen

Kristina “Kayla” Reiko Cooper and Leonard Rosen

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Edna and Professor Hillel Frisch

Edna and Professor Hillel Frisch

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Elyse and Rabbi Reuven Kruger

Elyse and Rabbi Reuven Kruger

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Jeanette and Professor Ross Pinsky

Jeanette and Professor Ross Pinsky

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Dr. Jennifer and Meir Solomon

Dr. Jennifer and Meir Solomon

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Special Message

Naftali Bennett

Naftali Bennett

Leader of the Yamina Party in Israel

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Special Musical Performance

Kristina "Kayla" Reiko Cooper

Kristina "Kayla" Reiko Cooper

World Renowned Cellist

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Scroll of Honor


Jay Domb

Michelle Domb

Susan Abrahams and Ronald Domb

Sam Domb

Sarah and Earl N. Feldman

Estate of Hope R. Fischer

Sylvia Freyer

Tracy and Sander Gerber

Sandra and Howard Hoffen

Amy and Mitchelle Kase

Jennifer and Joseph Morris

The Nash Family Foundation

Ruth Nelkin in memory of Harold Nelkin, z”l and Les Nelkin, z”l

Ingeborg and Ira Rennert

Pam and George Rohr

Kristina Reiko (Kayla) Cooper and Len Rosen

Carolyn and Marc Rowan

Danielle and Paul Taubman

Estate of Dr. Thelma Warshaw


The Applebaum Foundation in Loving Memory of Joseph and Leila Applebaum, z”l

Ann Arbesfeld and family in loving memory of Rabbi Hyman Arbesfeld, z"l

Wendy and Brandon Dunn

Bernard Goldberg

Eliana and Vladimir Gutin

Estate of Mildred Jacobs

Harry Krakowski in memory of Israel and Elli Krakowski and Sara Domb, z”l

Yaakov R. Kronfeld

Dr. Ellie Carmody and Daniel Stone

Jane and Warren Weiss in loving memory of Joseph and Leila Applebaum, z”l


Gerald Barad in memory of Ulo and Ethel Barad, z"l

Peggy and Paul P. Bernstein

Mr. Ludwig Bravmann and Lotte, a"h

Phyllis and Michael Kann

Margot Kann and Family in loving memory of Fred Kann z”l

Anonymous in memory of Ernest and Heidi Kahn, z"l

Miriam and Jeffrey Zuckerman in honor of Jeanette and Professor Ross Pinsky


Renee and Steven Adelsberg


Michele Tocci - The David Berg Foundation

Valerie and Charles Diker

The Gottesman Fund

Allan S. Gordon

Dr. Rachel and Timothy Gordon

The Allan S. Gordon Foundation

Susan Hecht and David Cohen

Michael and Sandra Hecht

Madeline and Dr. Mark Lebwohl in memory of Zachary and Jennie Lebwohl, z"l

Sherri and Dr. Nathan Lebwohl in memory of Zachary and Jennie Lebwohl, z"l

Oscar and Vida Lebwohl in memory of Zachary and Jennie Lebwohl, z"l

Sarra and Cyrus Schwartz

Rachel and Harry Skydell

Danielle Ullendorff

David Ullendorff

Doris Ullendorff

Jackie Ullendorff

Regina Ullendorff, obm

The Ullendorff Memorial Foundation

Estate of Thelma Weisberger

Estate of Gloria and Henry I. Zeisel

Zachary and Jennie Lebwohl Endowment


Tova and Assaf Alster

Suzan and Fred Ehrman

Alene Schneierson and Morris Krimolovsky

Ari & Shahina Moses

Andrew R. Siegel in honor of Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenbaum


Susan and Robert Chambré in appreciation of Aidel and Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald for their dedication and sevice to the Jewish community

Robin and Neil Goldberg

Helena and Marvin Goldstein

Robin Gordon and Randy Barron in memory of Edward S. Gordon, z"l

Laurel E. Henschel

Toby and Ronny Hersh

Alice, Jacob and our children Caitlin and Dr. Michael Klein would like to dedicate our support in honor of the one and only Rabbi Buchwald for his incredible dedication, passion and success in inspiring people of all races and religions to learn what it means to belong to the “Jewish Tribe” May Rabbi Buchwald and all who work with him continue to be מקרב בריות.

Amy and Seth Litzenblatt

Rose Moskowitz

Fern and Louis Oppenheim

Carol and Lawrence Saper in honor of Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald

Judith and Isaac Sherman

Janet and Sholom Spitz

Rona and Andrew Steinerman

William and Ronna Tanenbaum


Rosalyn and Ronald Binday

Aidel and Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald

Josh Goldberg and Family

Ken and Adriana Gordon

Janice and Yra Harris

Judith Rudnick Kane

Dr. Helene and Andrew Linder


Miriam and Dr. Marvin Belsky

Lenny and Estelle Glass

Estate of Sylvia Holder

Didi and Adam Hutt

Nancy and Philip Katz

Bryna and Joshua Landes in honor of Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, the great honorees and in memory of our beloved sister Elizabeth Shuchat Schwartz, z”l.

Cheryl and Lee Lasher

Alice and Stephen Shapiro

Susan and Scott Shay in honor of Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald and his tireless efforts over the years and in memory of George Shay, z"l and Jerry Rothenberg, z"l

Helga Weisburger

Laurie Latt Wolff and Richard Wolff--Mazal Tov NJOP on 33 years of making an impact on Jews around the world.


Judy and Cyrus Abbe

Dr. David Arbesfeld

Jennifer and Saul Burian

Abe De Ramos

Linda and Ilan Kaufthal in honor of Len Rosen

Marilyn and Eliot Lauer

Yaron Foundation--Martin Markowitz, President

Ross and Jeanette Pinsky

Gail Propp and Family

Rella Feldman and Curtiss Pulitzer

Drs. Kathy Halton and Marc A. Rosenblatt

Maura and Leonard Shaykin

Jennifer and Meir Solomon

Joe Sprung, Diane Lempert and Bear Givers in honor of Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald and the Rebbetzin

Beatrice Stoller in honor of Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald and Family

Louisa and Rabbi Yehudah Susman in honor of Sylvia Freyer and in admiration of everything that Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald does for Klal Yisrael.

Philip and Adina Wagman

Ellen and Stanley Wasserman

Rhonda Weinman

Tova and Howard Weiser in memory of Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Reich, z”l


Tamar and Eric Goldstein in honor of Kristina Cooper and Len Rosen

Carl M. Lerner

Nan and Peter Levy in honor of Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald and Aidel Buchwald.

Avigayil and Dr. Shmuel Sadowsky in honor of Aidel and Ephraim Buchwald

Sarah Leah and Lou Vynerib in memory of Dasha Rittenberg, z"l


Jewel and Dr. Walter Brenner

Joyce and David Friedman

Joseph and Lisa Scharf

Florence and David Wiener


Audrey and Sargent Aborn

Diane and The Honorable Robert Abrams

Nava and Dan Bettinger

Gail Castagnello and Family Kol Hakavod to Rabbi Buchwald and NJOP for spreading the light of Torah

Anne and Natalio Fridman

Sharon and Steven Goodman in memory of JoAnn Raskas, z”l

Gorin Family

Sharon and Sinclair Haberman

Tzippy and Tuly Kaplan

Rabbi and Mrs. Haskel Lookstein

Rabbi Chaim and Lisa Steinmetz

Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun

Yona and Dr. Steven Lazar in honor of Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, Shlit"a

Beryl Korot and Steve Reich

Michelle Ritholtz

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rosman

Irving Rotter

Miriam and Myron Schlanger in memory of Salo Schlanger, Sholom Moshe ben Yaakov, a"h

Mindy and Muttie Stein

Aviva and Marvin Sussman


Louise and Rabbi Gershon Fluk

Debra Jakubovitz in memory of her parents

Dr. Elizabeth A. Konecky

Joel N. Pelofsky

CoView Capital - Shy and Tami Yellin


Lloyd Epstein and Judith Weil in honor of Ross and Jeanette Pinsky

Phyllis and Stanley Getzler

Dr. Golda Hudes in honor of Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald

Michele and Avi Masliansky - The Masliansky Family Charitable Foundation

Nanette and Lazer Rand and Family

Dr. Gloria Rapoport

Glenn and Lenore Richter in honor of Rabbi Ephraim and Aidel Buchwald, Sam Domb, Harry and Rachel Skydell and Hillel and Felise Gross.

Leah and Ephraim Savitt

Suzy and William Schwartz in honor of Larry Greenman

Andrea Scripa

Ellen R. Silber

Linda and Howard Sterling in honor of Avi-Shai Schwartz

Naomi and Bernie Zweig


Joseph Blank

Marta and Joseph Braun

Simone and Rabbi Joshua Broide

Rabbi Meier Brueckheimer in loving memory of Mrs. Helen Brueckheimer, a"h.

Karen Lehmann Eisner and David F. Eisner

Jonathan and Paula Gold

Elliot and Seryl Goldofsky

Avrom Jacobs and Amy Lederman in honor of Jeanette and Ross Pinksy

Ilana and Bernard Kabak

Beth and Josh Kalter

Kim Kleppel

Ellen and Mordecai Lipkis

Helene F. Miller

Chava and Randall Rose

Esther and Howard Schwartz

Richard Seaman in honor of Ina Seaman

Lauri and Charles Stern

Chaviva Warner

Adele and Dr. Walter Wasser


Izzy Broker in honor of Dr. Jenny and Meir Solomon

Tom (Yakov) and Jolie Greiff in honor of Jeanette and Professor Ross Pinsky

Ruth and Lawrence Kobrin - Best wishes to Kayla Cooper and Len Rosen

Chavie Kahn and Heshy Kofman in honor of Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald

Moshe Kruger

Liz and David Kruger

Sylvia Kruger

Judy Kugelman

Debby and AZ Rapps in honor of Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald and First Lady Sylvia Freyer